“Islam always opposes killing people” says Muslim Writers Guild of America

Source: dispatch.com


Not too long after the horrific Charlie Hebdo shootings, a radical fringe of Pakistani Muslims called for death sentences for the Charlie Hebdo staff for committing the “worst act of terrorism.” Being an Ahmadi Muslim, I find this highly irksome.

Yes, there is a fine line between freedom of speech and slander, but that by no means gives anyone the right to demand such an act.

The supposed “worst act of terrorism” wasn’t committed by Charlie Hebdo, but by the violent extremists who carried out the shootings.

This was not an Islamic attack whatsoever.

Islam does not stand for killing of innocents in the name of religion. Instead, the Ahmadiyya Muslim community condemns it. The Holy Quran clearly states, “Whosoever kills an innocent person … it is as if they killed all of mankind.”

As Martin Luther King Day was on Monday, following his example, we mustn’t retaliate with violence or spew hatred, but instead come together as one and condemn extremists who stand for such heinous crimes.


Vice chairman – Muslim Writers Guild of America

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