Ahmadi Muslims hold Qu’ran exhibition to banish myths about Islam

Source: ilfordrecorder.co.uk

An exhibition has been held to promote peace and eradicate any misconceptions of Islam.

Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Ashley Kissin at the exhibition on Saturday.

Mayor of Redbridge, Cllr Ashley Kissin at the exhibition on Saturday.

Mubashir Siddiqi, of Clayhall, helped set up the display at Wanstead Library, in Spratt Hall Road, Wanstead, on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association on Saturday.

The exhibition organiser said his religion has suffered “a lot of negativity” in light of several attacks, supposedly in the name of Islam, around the world in recent months.

He said: “The reason for the exhibition is to promote peace and let other people know that Muslims are not terrorists.

“We are loyal to the country that we live in.”

Mr Siddiqi went on to condemn the recent attacks carried out by three gunmen in France who claimed links to Islamic State and Al-Qaeda.

Last year the Ahmaddiya Organisation organised a similar exhibition in Theydon Bois “on a huge scale”, according to Mr Siddiqi.

He said: “The exhibition is really beautiful and a lot of effort has gone into it.”

The Ahmaddiya Muslims are a sect of Islamic faith which was founded in 1889, and now spans over more than 206 countries.

The community is the only Islamic organisation to believe that the Messiah came to India in 1889.


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