Letters: ‘Love for all, hatred for none’

Maclean’s readers write in about the killings in Paris

Source: macleans.ca

People at Place de la République take part in the Unity March in Paris. (Photograph by Nick Kozak)

People at Place de la République take part in the Unity March in Paris. (Photograph by Nick Kozak)

As Maclean’s has sorted through the tragedy of the 17 lost lives in Paris, including the 12 killed in the shooting in the Charlie Hebdo offices, our readers have responded in droves. Here’s a sample of the range of responses on this highly divisive issue. Click here for some of our coverage so far.

To the terrorists in France who attacked and killed others, I can only say this: if your faith can be disrupted or come under attack by a drawing, you had very little faith to begin with. I am a Muslim and these misguided and violent actions are more abhorrent to the faith than the sketches of a satirist. Do I feel upset when the Prophet Muhammad is drawn in a demeaning way? Would you not feel upset if your mother or father were insulted? I would feel the same way if demeaning drawings were about Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Moses or any of the prophets and messengers of God, just like anyone would if someone they loved and respected were insulted or publicly demeaned. But I would follow the teachings of Islam and the actions of the Prophet: Love for all, hatred for none.
– Harith Chaudhary, Maple, Ont.

The actions of these attackers have caused more dishonour to the name of Prophet Muhammad than any cartoon ever did. I disagree with the… read more at macleans.ca

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