EU Should Prosecute Preachers Endorsing Violence: UK Muslim Association

The UK Ahmadiyya Muslim Association representative calls on European governments to persecute those clerics who incite hatred and violence.


MOSCOW, January 13 (Sputnik), Svetlana Alexandrova — European governments need to take legal action against extremist preachers who endorse violence and hatred, a spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in the United Kingdom, Basharat Nazir, told Sputnik Tuesday, commenting on the recent extremist attacks in Paris.

“The European governments should take legal action against extremist preachers who endorse violence and hatred for other nations,” Nazir told Sputnik on Tuesday. He urged EU authorities to avoid a “soft approach to Muslims who preach hate, wish to cause disorder and do not understand that Islam teaches every Muslim to be loyal to his country.”

Over the past week France has seen a wave of gun violence caused by radical religious beliefs that have led to the deaths of 17 people.

In the aftermath of the attacks in France, EU authorities realize that extremist groups in Europe are producing militant homegrown jihadists, and that these jihadists are EU citizens raised and educated in Europe.

The history of extremist movements across Europe offers a similar pattern. A radicalized minority of European Muslims inspired by …read more at

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