Humanity First Indonesia Celebrates the New Year with City Clean up

When citizens of new year partying at the monument a few hours earlier, trash mounted. As usual, the sanitation department of DKI Jakarta will be busy cleaning up the garbage in the morning. Instead of partying the new year, Humanity First Indonesia in cooperation with the department cleanliness MKAI helped clean the monument. This activity is called Clean The City.


Indonesia cleanup

This activity was originally just to involve youth Ahmadiyya alone but the women Ahmadiyah or commonly called the Lajna Imaillah (LI) volunteered to participate. Finally, this activity was followed by all ages of Jamaat members including children.
Some participants who live far from the monument, on the previous night stay at Masjid Al-Hidayah, Central Jakarta which is only a few hundred meters from the monument.

At 05.00 starting from southeast entrance monument, trash cleanup done by ants operation. The committee provides a garbage bag,gloves, broom and dust pan.

“Thank God the activities ran smoothly although only planned in just 2 days” said Ikmal, Muhtamim Wiqari PPMKAI Charity.
Zaki Firdaus, who served as leader of the Ahmadiyya youth in Indonesia said “Thank God we can make a direct contribution to the people of Indonesia, especially Jakarta residents as well as 3 other cities that is Garut, Bandung and Sukabumi. We hoped our participation and contribution of our more positive future can be better again and again ”

The event, which was attended by nearly 300 people had completed at 08.00 with a positive impression on the manager of the monument.

Similar activities were also held in three other cities, namely Bandung, Garut and Sukabumi. (NAN)



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  1. Copy of Humanity First Indonesia Homepage:

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    Sumatra Earthquake

    A major earthquake magnitude 7.6 struck after 5pm local time on Wednesday 30 September,

    Recent News 2009.

    Kindly update. We are now in 2015 …

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