‘They have hatred in their hearts’: Merkel delivers stinging attack on growing anti-Islamic protesters

The Independent: The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, used her new year’s address to deliver her most outspoken attack to date on Germany’s growing anti-Islamic protest movement.

She accused its leaders of “prejudice, coldness and hatred”, charging that they hijacked and abused political slogans that helped to topple the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

The recently formed so-called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident” – or Pegida – have been holding regular demonstrations since October. One such protest at the end of December drew more than 17,000 people, while another is currently planned in the eastern city of Dresden for Monday.

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  1. Just a thank you to Chancelor A. Merkel is not enough but My point is that than nothing that this I.S. problem is not the concern of muslims only, it concerns everybody every government concerned with the security and safety of its people and muslims organisations and countries should understand that.all have to contribute towards solving this problem.I bet the majority of the followers of IS are illiterate or frustrated in their lives and are looking for something different to spice up their lives and IS makes it easy to join them by offering money and the promise that if they die in the conflict they becomes martyrs and will go to heaven. I believe these are the 2 most appealing reasons for the adherents of IS to join them. In the western world there are many converts who who joined them are frustrated for one reason or another and are virgin minds as far as Islamic teachings is concerned, but unfortunately get picked up by those who are already radicalised and are being taught the wrong things, which are contrary to the Islamic teachings but which seems credible to them due to their ignorance and which gives them a ray of hope for their frustration.
    I am talking about the situation in Canada and I believe it’s almost the same in all western countries. I believe that the authorities should pull resources together and stop the islamophobia that we hear and watch day in and day out. its frustrating for sound minded and knowledgeable muslims but for those who are not knowledgeable its easy they like what they hear in the media and specially on social medias and they think they’ve found the answer to their quests for an improved life not knowing in what trap they are walking to and having no counter responses to their newly found ideologies. They see a way of inflicting damages on the powerful who are supporting the oppressor in countries like Syria, Iraq for now. they dont know that they are falling from the frying pan into the fire.
    You here in the west a gun is a symbol of power, they probably wish they could lay their hand on one to inflict damage but here is a more controlled society and people are more or less well off but when they are offered this very symbol of power they readily jumped into it, thinking it’s a way to abate their frustration , get some recognition , being talked about in the media and being shown on social medias.
    That is why I think that everybody should try to spread the true teachings of Islam, not in a view to propagate the religion to to educate the people and if any one wants to convert then we can be assure that at least the person would know both sides of the coin before making any decision about who to join.
    For the short term I think everybody should be on the look out for those who are spreading the wrong ideology and those who are listening to them and boldly tackled them with sound arguments against such tendencies. Here in the western world we are free to talk about religion without any fear, so lets take advantage of it and do what the opponents of civil societies to disrupt the peace of mind and general peace we enjoy here and obviously we have proof of what we say from the very source of Islamic teachings that Islam is against anything violent, anything that would cause pain to others.

  2. Angela Merkel’s point of view about the protesters is just right.
    Hatred towards fellow human being is not the solution to solve any kind of problem.

  3. Why the asylum seekers are disproportionately attracted to Germany? Germany is already overburdened and struggling to cope with a record 2014 influx of more than 200,000 asylum seekers.

  4. The Germans are helping Assylum seekers a lot but there has to be a limit to it.a big influx of unskilled and illiterate people are creating problem for German society.

  5. Highly educatted indviduals will be the positive solution to this matter specially if they belong to the muslim World.

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