Busy doing nothing

Source: ET

Those intent on bombing Pakistan back to the Stone Age — the Taliban — must have rubbed their hands with glee at the government response to the slaughter at the Army Public School in Peshawar on December 16. And that response was? Form a committee. Moreover, don’t just form one committee… form 16 and then bring everything together under the umbrella of perhaps the most unfortunate acronym of recent years. NAP — the National Action Plan. Whoever thought that gem up needs upending in a large wastepaper basket and shunting off to the back of beyond, there to take a prolonged nap.

Long ago and far away was my MBA. Some of the notes I took followed me to Pakistan and were deposited in the store-room. Something nagged at the back of my mind and I went digging and yes, there were the notes I took on how to avoid doing anything. Absolutely anything. And do it whilst giving the impression of being extremely busy addressing whatever the task at hand was. The word ‘committee’ featured nowhere — but ‘working party’ and ‘workshop days’ did. Management-speak for kicking an uncomfortably spiky football into the long grass for as long as the illusion of all scrambling to find it may be maintained.


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