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  1. JazakAllah, I forwarded it to all my near and dear ones especially to my daughter in Mississauga. May Allah bless you. I have attended West coast Jalsa Salana in 2010,and 2012.2010 was the dream destination vacation ever.Our all 7 members, my younger brother and my parents. Total 10 members MashAllah.
    My brother would play Pushto songs.To make our Ammijan happy he would do the folkdance.She missed Peshawar,Pakistan. Pushto.She could even read and write Pushtu.Dr.Hameed, their president is an orthopedic surgeon. His wife is the daughter of Nobel laureate Professor Dr.Abdussalam.Dr Hameed is a graduate of K.M.c.My brother is probably naib afsar Jalsa Salana.
    Hadhrat Khalifatul Messiah r.a said Islam will flourish in West Coast especially in California. I read in international Alfazal.

  2. Ayat Al Kursi

    Surat Al-kahf Saad el ghamidi

    Promised Messiah a.s says:
    Run towards me ,Here is goodness,Security.
    There are beasts everywhere. I am the Fortress of safety,

    Durre Sameen (Pearls of wisdom)

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    Top 10 Disappointing Teams of the 2014-15 NBA Season

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    prayers have been answered.She is passionate about it.Alhumdolillah

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