14 Religious Moments In 2014 That Give Us Hope For 2015

Huff Post: It has been a difficult year around the world with wars, conflicts and disease afflicting far too many people. Religion has too often played an unhelpful or even harmful role. However, throughout the year there have been stories of people of all different religions standing up for what is right, increasing understanding and peace between peoples, helping to serve humanity, and to offer a prophetic witness for justice.

Here are 14 religious moments during 2014 that give us inspiration and hope for 2015.

Clergy took a major stand for racial equality.


As soon as protests broke out in Ferguson over the shooting of Michael Brown, clergy were on their feet and in the street with messages of equality, justice and nonviolent action. Pastor Renita Lamkin took a rubber bullet for the cause. Others sacrificed sleep and countless hours, opening the doors of their worship houses. When protests erupted in New York for Eric Garner’s death, clergy continued working tirelessly forracial equality, providing the moral backbone of a movement that will continue growing as we move into 2015.

Muslims and non-Muslims alike took a stand against Islamophobia.

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In the face of rising Islamophobia around the world, Muslims and non-Muslims rose up to offer a counter-narrative to negative stereotypes spread in part by the Islamic State. Several Twitter hashtags effectively disseminated these positive messages, including #NotInMyName#IllRideWithYou#IStandUpBecause and#MuslimApologies. A group of students at Australia’s Macquarie University filmed strangers’ reactions to staged Islamophobic verbal attacks — with inspiring results. Churches in Australia and Canada stood with local Muslim communities in response to antagonism, and in the U.S. families members of 9/11 victims launched and anti-Islamophobia campaign to spread a message of peace and acceptance.

Pope Francis worked with leaders around the world to sow seeds of peace and freedom.


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