On Jinnah’s Day, Don’t Side With His Enemies

kashifmd.com: The 25th of December is an important day for Pakistan. It was this day, that our founder – the Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah – was born. Officially dubbed Jinnah’s day, many celebrate this day by remembering Jinnah’s enduring struggle for the freedom and equal rights for the minority Muslim community within United India.

Jinnah’s selfless struggle was driven by a passionate sense of respect for human freedom and equality. He dreamt of a State where there was no discrimination, and that stood firm on the values of  tolerance, acceptance and pluralism.

It is well known that the Ahmadi Muslims played a very prominent role in the creation of Pakistan and its subsequent growth. Jinnah was a close friend  of the second Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Mirza Bashirudin Mahmud Ahmad, who’s support he always enjoyed. It was at the Khalifa’s orders that the Ahmadi Imam Mr. Abdul Rahim Dard convinced Jinnah to return to India, after Jinnah bid farewell to Indian politics and moved to London. It was another Ahmadi, Sir Zafarullah Khan, who drafted the famous Pakistan Resolution that became the documentary basis for the demand for Pakistan. Jinnah appointed him the country’s first foreign minister. The support for Jinnah was so strongly emphasized by the Ahmadiyya leadership that Ahmadi Muslim candidates fighting from certain constituencies withdrew their candidacy in support of Jinnah’s Muslim League.

The overwhelming support from the Ahmadis did not end with the creation of the State. At a time when Pakistan needed every help it could, the Ahmadis gave everything they had for its growth and goodwill.  Sir Zafarullah Khan continued to promote a progressive image of Pakistan on the international Stage. His disciplined stance on various issues and his impressive advocacy won Pakistan the first Presidency at the UN General Assembly in 1962. The country’s only Nobel Laureate, Dr Abdus Salam, also belonged to the Ahmadiyya Community. Another prominent Ahmadi, Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad, who was the Federal Finance Minister under Ayub Khan and Yahya Khan, played key role in the economic development of Pakistan in the 1960s and 70s. His efforts led directly to the success of the Mangla and Tarbela dam projects. Ahmadi Muslims were also at the forefront in defending Pakistan in times of war; General Akhtar MalikGeneral Abdul Ali Malik are a few names that come to mind. In fact, the only Pakistani general to have ever laid his life during combat was an Ahmadi, General Iftikhar Janjua.

On the other hand, most hard-line clerics e.g. those belonging to the Ahrar Party (and the Jamaat-e-Islami) vehemently opposed Jinnah and his struggle. When they failed to stop Jinnah’s dream materialize, they turned to hurt the newly found State by continuing to fight his ideals and his vision of a pluralistic, tolerant and inclusive state. After much resilience, they were finally successful in hijacking this vision in 1974 when Jinnah’s comrades, the Ahmadis, were officially designated second class citizens in the State Constitution, and their profession of faith criminalized. The State gave in to the Mullahs and Pakistan has never since been the same. (Read: How Pakistan Drifted Away from Itself)


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  1. it is a true description of facts. The Pakistan leadership should be careful about the enemies of Jinnah sahib and Pakistan. Those enemies of Pakistan are claiming as if they created Pakistan while, in fact, they had vehemently opposed the creation of Pakistan. They had all abused Jinnah sahib and the state of Pakistan. The people and leadership of country should (must) read some important pages of history if they want to survive.

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