How fares the global war on terror?

by Rami G. Khouri



Is the global war on terror (GWOT) that the United States launched in 2011 after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks succeeding or failing?

After 13 years of GWOT, events this year emphasize the significant development of militant and terror groups who now carry out dramatic and gruesome attacks that kill or kidnap hundreds of victims at a time.

The largest such joint air-land operation of its kind, it indicated that if the military efforts of local ground troops from Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran or other countries were combined with devastating air power deployed by America, Arab states and others, ISIS and other such threats could be quickly rolled back.

The important lesson would seem to be that populations and government in the Arab world, Asia and Africa had better start taking the threats from these militant groups much more seriously, because the American-led international parties fighting ISIS and Al-Qaeda seem perfectly willing to keep attacking from the air and containing these groups without providing the ground troops needed to remove the threat completely.

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