60 Imams, Rabbis Meet In Washington For Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Summit

Frustrated by dangerously high tensions between Jews and Muslims in the Holy Land, 60 imams and rabbis gathered Sunday (Nov. 23) to hatch concrete plans to bridge the gulf between their communities, minus the kumbaya.

The “2014 Summit of Washington Area Imams and Rabbis,” its organizers hope, will be the first of many such gatherings of Jewish and Muslim clergy in cities across the U.S.

After prayers and a kosher-halal lunch at a Washington synagogue, the clergy resolved to limit the feel-good dialogue and spent the afternoon trading ideas both tried and novel. Among them: joint projects to feed the homeless, basketball games between Muslim and Jewish teens, Judaism 101 courses for Muslims and Islam 101 for Jews.




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  1. Wow it is great piece of news. Ahmadiyyah community yearns for such events, as this makes bridges between the nations. Removes misconceptions and hatred and bring them closer. I think this should be done very often. Thanks for sharing Farhat jee.

  2. It is a great effort by Ahmadyya Muslim community.It can help to develop love and peace between nations and communities.

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