A way around military futility in Gaza

by Rami G. Khouri, Daily Star, Lebanon

There is neither symmetry nor equivalence in the capabilities or the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis who have battled each other nonstop since 1947-48 .

The almost equal number of attacks by each side against the other was not matched by the impact of those attacks, with Israel’s causing much more damage in Gaza than it suffered at the receiving end of Hamas’ less effective weapons.

The sharp irony is that Hamas’ capacity to maintain a high rate of attacks in the war with Israel coincided with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement on Wednesday that Israel had hit Hamas with the hardest blow ever, and would continue attacking Gaza militarily until Israel’s security needs were met (though those security needs were not spelled out).

Such an approach would stand a very good chance of meeting the key demands of both sides for now – lifting the Israeli siege and attacks on Gaza, and ending Palestinian resistance attacks against the Israelis and their siege through a long-term cease-fire or truce.

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