In The U.K., Muslim Women Don The Veil To Declare Faith Amidst Intolerance

Senator Hilary Clinton in Hijab with President Obama in Cairo, an old picture

Senator Hilary Clinton in Hijab with President Obama in Cairo, an old picture, added by the Muslim Times

 | By Belinda Goldsmith & Olivia Harris

Posted: 08/22/2014 10:13 am EDT 

(Reuters) – When youth worker Sumreen Farooq was abused in a London street, the 18-year-old decided it was time to take a stand – and she started to wear a headscarf.

Farooq is one of many young Muslim women living in Britain who have, for various reasons, chosen to adopt the headscarf to declare their faith to all around them, despite figures showing rising violence against visibly identifiable Muslims.

For despite a common view that young Muslim women are forced to wear veils by men or their families, studies and interviews point to the opposite in Muslim minority countries where it is often the case that the women themselves choose to cover up.

“I’m going to stand out whatever I do, so I might as well wear the headscarf,” said Farooq, a shop assistant who also volunteers at an Islamic youth centre in Leyton, east London.

While just under five percent of Britain’s 63 million population are Muslim, there are no official numbers on how many women wear a headscarf or head veil, known as the hijab, or the full-face veil, the niqab, which covers all the face except the eyes. The niqab is usually worn with a head-to-toe robe or abaya.

But anecdotally it seems in recent years that more young women are choosing to wear a headscarf to assert a Muslim identity they feel is under attack and to publicly display their beliefs.

Shanza Ali, 25, a Masters graduate who works for a Muslim-led non-profit organisation in London, said she was born in Pakistan and her Pakistani mother had never worn the veil but both she and her sister Sundas chose to do so aged about 20.

“I decided to make a commitment as a Muslim and I have never stopped since,” Shanza told Reuters in her family home in Walthamstow, east London where prayer mats hang from the walls alongside modern, family portraits.

“Sometimes you forget that you’re covering your hair but you never forget why you’re covering. You remember, that to you, your character should be more important than your appearance.

“It makes it easier for Muslim women to keep away from things that you don’t want to do that would impact your value system. If you don’t want to go clubbing, drink, or have relations outside marriage, it can help, but it can also just be a reminder to be a good person and treat others well.”


Shaista Gohir, chairman of the Muslim Women’s Network UK, said more women had adopted headscarves since the attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, and in London on July 7, 2005, put them under greater political and public scrutiny.

“For some young women it is a way of showing they are different and they are Muslim although it is not a Muslim obligation,” she told Reuters.

She said the full-face niqab was a minor phenomenon in Britain, worn by relatively few women, although it had become central to a wider debate in the country about integration and British values.

This was put to the test last year when a judge ruled a Muslim woman could not give evidence at a trial wearing a niqab, sparking debate about whether Britain should follow other European countries and ban full-face veils in public places.

After a national debate, a compromise was reached and it was agreed that the woman could wear the niqab during the trial but not when she was giving evidence.

Modesty in Islam is key for both men and women but most Islamic scholars agree that women adopting a full-face veil is more to do with culture than religion.

But women who publicly display their religion by wearing a scarf of any kind have found they can be targeted for doing so.

Figures released recently from the campaign group Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) showed the number of attacks against Muslims in Britain was one the rise.

During its first year of monitoring, Tell MAMA recorded 584 anti-Muslim incidents between April 1 2012 and April 30 2013, with about 74 percent of these taking place online.

Of the physical incidents, six in 10, or 58 percent, were against Muslim women and 80 percent of women targeted were visually identifiable by wearing a hijab or niqab.

The number rose to 734 incidents over the 10 months from Mary 2013 to February 2014 with 54 percent of these against women and a total of 599 online. There was a spike in reports in the weeks following the murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby in south London in May last year by two British Muslim converts.

“Attacks against visibly dressed Muslim females may not accurately explain away the trend of hate crimes being opportunistic and situational. The data suggests that the alleged perpetrators of anti-Muslim hate crimes at a street-based level, are young white males targeting Muslim women, and that is a cause for concern,” Tell MAMA said in a statement.

Matthew Feldman, co-founder of the Centre for Fascist, Anti-Fascist and Post-Fascist Studies at Teesside University who analyses Tell MAMA data, said the rise in the numbers of attacks could be partly due to more awareness of the reporting process.

“But there is a slight bump in the occurrence of people wearing more visible dress and of victims being women rather than men,” Feldman told Reuters.

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  2. Here we go again. Let’ s get Muslims in the limelight again now that the Trojan Horse fiasco didn’t churn much up. And lo and behold we come back to the burka….this time with a Muslim at the helm of the need to tell a Muslim woman what she can and can’t wear without even consulting one. Well lets look at France and see their double standards. You can walk around completely naked amongst men, women and children in their nudist beaches risking skin cancer but a Muslim woman who chooses to cover her face gets arrested. Many of these burka wearing women are super intelligent. Stop feeling intimidated and instigating hatred. People should be able to wear what they like. Government has no right to tell anyone what clothing they can and can not wear. What’s next? Laws regulating how i wipe my behind ? Better than walking around half naked like a piece of meat!

    People are offended by people walking down the road in head to toe bin bags. It’s spooky. You have the right to feel offended. You do not have the right to stop them doing it.

    It is socially acceptable to be openly racist towards Muslims in this country. Legally not so because more and more Muslims are standing up to this fascism and rightfully so. What, values like stripping down to get sunburned on the beach and drinking to excess on a Friday night out? Why don’t you just wear what you want and allow other people to wear what they want? The right to wear what you want is not a special privilege. Its a basic democratic right and one that you yourself enjoy. No one tells you what you can or cannot wear. Why do you think you can tell others what they should wear?

    These racist just don’t like being pointed out and don’t like to be exposed when challenged! So all in all, this university wanted to make a rule for less than 1% of the population who (I assume) aren’t causing any big disturbances or anything? In regard of safety/terror issues, I’d be more worried about backpacks, but I doubt those will be banned in an university setting. Ban on Burqa/ Niqab is against religious-***-human rights of Muslim Women in Europe. Those who support ban on veil are Islamophobic.

    We live in a world were women are paid to be naked and fined to be covered, unbelievable! Sisters if you want to wear the niqab you do that. Inshallah you are rewarded for your efforts and commitment in the hereafter. A woman should be free to wear what she likes, if you going to ban a woman for covering up herself, please also ban woman that fail to cover up. The only people who will suffer are Muslim women. A ban would be unjust. One of the best things about this country is its tolerance. Let us remain tolerant.
    London School of Islamics Trust

  3. I thought Faith is something between a person and his God. It does not have to be declared publically. In fact it may be better not to bring your Faith in public as it may cause others to bring their Faith in public too. This may lead to a public contest of “My Faith is better than yours!” I think we can all get the picture that such competition in the public arena is not good for the peace of the public. So I think we should all keep our Faith to our own selves.
    Allah says in the Holy Quran, “The most honored in the sight of God is the one who is the most righteous”.

  4. One should be careful asking freedom from governments in matters of religion. Faith has to do with self reformation. Outward expressions of religious belief are not fundamental to any religion nor are necessary for self reformation which is the most basic function of religion.
    Many religious teachings have been misunderstood by their followers. Governments have protected people from the bad effects of these misunderstandings. 1) Hindus used to practice “Sati”, where the young widow of a man was burnt with his dead body. This was a religiously sanctioned practice. This was stopped by the British rulers of India. 2) Jehovah witnesses don’t accept blood. But Law allows transfusion of blood to minors even against the will of their parents. 3) The law in UK and US does not allow polygamy. I have not seen any passionate speeches, debates or demonstrations in favor of polygamy.
    Those who are crying themselves hoarse on the issue of veil are ignorant. Muslims cannot agree among themselves about what exactly is veil. Veil is not a fundamental, or central teaching of Islam. Most Muslim women do not observe veil as desired by these extremists. The most advanced Muslim nation of Turkey has banned veil for Muslim women under many circumstances. The so called defenders of Faith have never uttered a word against that country.
    So please do not work against the cause of Islam by this type of agitation and concentrate your energy to help Islam by worshipping better and helping the helpless.

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