Prof. Maryam Mirzakhani and Muslim Heritage


“In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”  Galileo Galilei

Maryam Mirzakhani

Prof. Maryam Mirzakhani

Taj Mahal II

Taj Mahal is a symbol of Muslim Heritage 

The lead post is collected by Zakaria Virk, the Muslim Times’ Editor for Canada

She was honored in 2014 and she died of breast cancer at age 40 in July 2017

Iranian Woman wins Highest Prize in Math – Fields Medal

Maryam Mirzakhani, a Professor at Stanford, was one of four winners honored Wednesday at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul. Maryam Mirzakhani Becomes First Woman To Win Prestigious Fields…

How Islamic inventors changed the world

Epigraph: You are the best people raised for the good of mankind; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah. And if the People of the…

Thrust for ‘Arabic’ science urged

Source: TheGulfToday DUBAI: An Iraqi born British physicist, Prof. Jim Al-Khalili, has called for rejuvenation of science advancement in the Arab and Muslim world by building infrastructures and changing attitude…

Iran promoting ‘Islamic Nobel Prize’ for science and technology

(by Rodolfo Calò) (ANSAmed) – TEHRAN – The presentation of what has been dubbed the ‘Islamic Nobel Prize’ for science and technology was held on Monday in the Iranian capital’s…

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9 replies

    • Her picture with a head scarf is from the time in Iran when she was forced to wear it not a choice. There is Zero value is a faith when it is forced by a gun to the head, that is called ISIS, and Buko Haram and perhaps early years of Islam
      In Untied States she does not wear Hejab and her husband is a wonderful infidel from Czechoslovakia. You must be pretty desperate to come up with this crap

  1. It is amazing that Iran is producing such brilliant scholars. There are many genius people in Iran and their education system ranks among the top. Don’t get carried away if her husband is infidel. There are many more Mariams in Iran and bad news for infidels that they are muslims.

  2. I am Iranian, just because one is born from Muslim parents doesn’t make him a Muslim; She was not a Muslim, she didn’t believe in Allah, didn’t pray, didn’t fast, didn’t follow so-called shariah, so how can you take her as a Muslim? what’s wrong with you fraudlant Muslims?

  3. I was a friend of Maryam from school time in Farzanegan high school. She was a muslim, I confirm and her husband Jan converted to Islam before marrying him.

    • Firstly, There’s no evidence that his husband who is a known professor in Stanford university converted to Islam.
      Secondly, Maryam wore Hijab during her lifetime in Iran cause as you know according to the theocratic law enforced by Mullahs(The Islamic experts), Hijab is compulsory here for all women regardless of their religious beliefs, but when Maryam moved abroad she never wore hijab again and she didn’t visit Iran during the rest of her life. If she was a Shia Muslim she would stick to the basic shariah law which requires her wearing Hijab and she would have visited her Islamic home country frequently.

  4. Useless discussions, whether She was Muslim or Not Muslim. Faith is entirely personal matter . Also, please Note, Hijab is not Compulsory for women, as per Sharia Law but Optional. In fact , that is not true Islam , which is preached n in forced by the Mullas ( the so called Islamic Clerics).

    • Hijab is mandatory for all women that are identified themselves as moslem because of order in Qur’an (look at Suras Nisa, Noor and Ahzab). And Islam in Iran is much closer to its reality than any other moslem country.

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