Emirates Airlines imposes lifetime ban on Tahirul Qadri

Emirates Airlines imposes lifetime ban on Qadri: report


Emirates Airlines has imposed a lifetime travel ban on Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri and is also considering initiating legal proceedings against him for keeping the aircraft ‘hostage’ for several hours at Lahore airport after the flight was diverted by the Pakistani government to Lahore from Islamabad over security concerns, a private news channel has reported.

According to the channel, the airliner was forced to take the decision after Qadri refused to get off the aircraft in Lahore and also barred other passengers from disembarking until he negotiated a deal with the provincial authorities.

The airliner believes that this act of Qadri was tantamount to hijacking therefore it was mulling legal options.

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inam's avatar

inam · 18 hours ago

Loser (Pervays) and Hijacker (Qadari), new party name is PTQ.

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Faraz's avatar

Faraz · 16 hours ago

Finally! Someone needs to cut this tyrant down to size…

Qaiz's's avatar

Qaiz’s · 15 hours ago

We were expecting this, Great & brave Action from Emirates Air Line.

SACHAKHAN's avatar

SACHAKHAN · 14 hours ago


ashraf's avatar

ashraf · 13 hours ago

he should be banned by all airlines of the world. he is putting life of passengers in risk

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ashraf · 13 hours ago

he is coward man, money making machine. he is killing poor people for his own sake.

Anon's avatar

Anon · 11 hours ago

Put him in a container with food, water, moisturizing cream and lip-stick …

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Aden's avatar

Aden · 8 hours ago

Not only Emirates i think all the airlines should ban him because this could happen to any airline.

Myself's avatar

Myself · 6 hours ago

Very well done Emirates
Well done emirates

Pakistani's avatar

Pakistani · 6 hours ago

he must be banned too all air lines………. BC, baaap ka maal samajh rakha haii in sab kamenoon ney

Tabssum's avatar

Tabssum · 6 hours ago

Lovely , great decision, local airline should also implement it, lest he does the same to them

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