Day: June 2, 2014

Australia Documentary Defends Islam

ABNA — The documentary offered a window to many Australian Muslims to share their own experiences of facing discrimination. A new eye-opening documentary film that shows the true nature of Islam has been approved to be shown to high school students in South Australia, in a step forward towards fighting […]

A letter to an unborn child

Source: Dawn Author: Vaqar Ahmed Unfortunately, I will not be celebrating your birth since I have already attended your funeral. I would never know how much pain you felt when bricks and stones, thrown by your grandfather and uncles hit your mother and killed you along with her. I am […]

Pakistan Army: All Together but not Quite

By Brig® Mehboob Qadir | Email: Armies are peculiar reflections of their national history, culture and mother society. Within each army there are sub structures which correspond to the functional and operational needs of the force as it might be deployed for war, security or humanitarian tasks. However the key […]

Don’t blame Islam for Meriam’s awful fate

Source: The Telegraph By Rob Crilly, who is Pakistan correspondent of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph. Before that he spent five years writing about Africa for The Times, The Irish Times, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman and The Christian Science Monitor from his base in Nairobi. My taxi stopped on one of […]