Umrah pilgrims flock to Madinah’s historical sites


Published — Tuesday 3 June 2014

Thousands of Umrah pilgrims are flocking to Madinah these days to visit the Prophet’s Mosque, other houses of worship, and the city’s various historical sites.



There has been a rush of visitors on organized trips to the Quba, Al-Qiblatain, and other mosques in the city, from early hours of the morning. Many pilgrims were seen taking photographs at these sites.

“I made sure I visited all the mosques and historical sites in Madinah. This city in particular has a special place in the hearts of Muslims across the world,” Gamar Nawaz, a Pakistani pilgrim, told Arab News.

Wael Husni, a pilgrim, said he has been on Umrah several times. “Every time I come to Madinah, I make it a priority to visit Quba, Shuhada and Al-Qiblatain mosques, and other historical sites in the city. This is the Islamic heritage and wealth of all Muslims. I spend a long time in Madinah every time I visit.”

“Being here in Madinah near Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the greatest of all mankind, brings me the most pleasure and happiness. I am often overwhelmed with joy roaming and drifting around the city, including standing on Al-Rumat Mountain at Uhud, where the most important battle in Islamic history took place.”

Pilgrims have also been visiting public parks and shopping. Sales at local shops have been rising and hotels are 95 percent full, according to workers in the hospitality sector, who attributed this activity to the forthcoming month of Ramadan and the summer vacation.


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