Day: June 17, 2014

The sectarian myth of Iraq

by Sami Ramadani, THE GUARDIAN Tony Blair has been widely derided for his attempted justification of the 2003 Iraq invasion, and his claim last weekend that he’s blameless over the current turmoil. Unfortunately, though, many of his critics have also bought into a central plank of his argument: that Iraqi […]

UK to reopen embassy in Tehran

LONDON: British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Tuesday that “circumstances are right” to reopen Britain’s embassy in Iran, which was closed in 2011 after hard-liners overran the building and ransacked it. The announcement, which had been in the works for months as part of a slow rapprochement between the two […]

Middle East: Death by idendity

The Middle East is experiencing yet another one of its periodic convulsions. The region lives from crisis to crisis, but the events in Iraq last week may speak to something larger, a geopolitical watershed that leaves key players in disarray. After $1tn in total spending, US hopes for Iraq are […]