A letter to an unborn child

Source: Dawn

Author: Vaqar Ahmed

Unfortunately, I will not be celebrating your birth since I have already attended your funeral.

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I would never know how much pain you felt when bricks and stones, thrown by your grandfather and uncles hit your mother and killed you along with her. I am so sorry that your father did not try to come to your rescue and neither did all those who watched you die unseen, unheard.

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Categories: Asia, Pakistan

1 reply

  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Innaa lillhe wa innaa elaihe rajiuoon
    Very pathetic and sad. Full of jihalat ghairat (full of ignorant honor killing) has no place in Islam, it was inhuman that cause the death of two lives, one innocent who could not even breath in this world. in the world of hadith Men-laa-yerham laayurham, who does not show mercy to other mercy is not shown to such persons. These culprits who committed this crime deserve the examplery punishment.
    Zarif Ahmad

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