CNN on Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar

Husain Haqqani (Urduحسین حقّانی; born July 1, 1956), alternately spelled Hussain Haqqani, is a Pakistani political author and the former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States. He was appointed as the Pakistan ambassador in April 2008, after being exiled in 1999 following criticisms against the government of then-President Pervez Musharraf. He resigned on November 22, 2011 following allegations of his involvement in the Memogate controversy.[1]

Hasan Haqqani

Husain Haqqani

Prior to serving as Ambassador to the United States, Haqqani held several positions including as an adviser to three former Pakistani prime ministers and as envoy to Sri Lanka. In additions, Haqqani has also been a journalist, scholar and educator. He is currently a Senior Fellow and Director for South and Central Asia at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. and co-editor of Hudson’s signature journal Current Trends in Islamist Ideology.[2] Haqqani is also the Director of the Center of International Relations and a Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Boston University.[3]

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  1. A murder is a murder even when it is done in the name of religion. Dr. Qamar was a decent, God fearing, charitable true Muslim. The ignorant and criminals who think they own Islam killed him. May God deal with them and they will reside in eternal hell in this world as well as in the next.
    People like Dr. Qamar are the pride of Muslims and Islam. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Mr. Hussain Haqani spoke well on Pakistan’s current terrorists’ activities. CNN aired the news of current murder of Canadian, American Cardiologist in Pakistan.

  3. May Allah bless CNN for taking up the issue of Ahmadiyya persecution in Pakistan..

  4. Thanks CNN for trying to arouse world conscience against persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan. Thanks Mr Haqqani for talking sense which is generally unexpected from Pakistani diplomats. you made a true analysis. Dr Mehdi Ali Qamar’s blood would not go waste at all, Allah would bless each and every tiny drop of it. Blessed is the family that has been rewarded by God and honoured with Shahadat. May he rest in peace and his kids and wife and family live in the pleasure of God. Ameen

  5. Dr. Mehdi Ali’s life from grade one till today is in front of us. A straight forward, righteous, talented, a successful personality and on top of all a Shaheed. May Allah keep him in his lovely gardens.

  6. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Jazkallho Khaira for CNN and Mr. H. Haqqani for their role in world awaireness about the deff and dumbness of Government and politician of Pakistan. If we are not greatful to people we are not greatful to Allah Dr. Mahdi Ali Qamar Shaheed was realy a great person, a beacon of light for the Drs. to all the Ahmadies, and for all the good Pakistanies and for all the Humanitarians.
    Khoon Shaheedan-e- Ummat ka aiy kum nazar raiygan kub giyya tha keh ab Já-e-ga her shadat teray dikhtay daikhtay phool phal Laa-e-gee phool phal Jaa-e-gee
    Pakistan is my home land, I am welwisher of my country like all Pakistani Ahmadies, but I am voried about it lest it may not meet the same fait as did the Afghanistan as she is trading the same path that did by Afghanistan. Allah may have mercy on Pakistan and its people and deliver them from the clutches of Mullahs. Aameen
    Zarif Ahmad

  7. A courageous and correct stand by Mr Haqqani and hats off to boldness of CNN. But not sure any one in Pakistan will have any effect of it.

  8. Illiteracy and ignorance is the reason that Pakistan is trapped in the clutches of
    The current structure of the Pakistani internal justice system had failed miserably
    Poverty and lack of Islamic understanding is turning this nation into a chaotic mass of people who are attaining animal characteristics instead of human.

  9. Alhahuakber, it’s a clear Humen thoughts not confused very clear message for all Pakistani , kaash ab bi samag jai wo jiss ko hai us Khuda se kuch payar

  10. Thoughts become action and that’s what extreme mulan is doing to all Pakistani youngsters , drugs being supplied to them in villages where in educated people having too many kids and irresponsibly sending to mulana to learn instead they are abused and brain washed and end is they are told you can kill first two people without any fear god forgives you , cause u talib ( student)

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