Picture of the Day: Hatred and Irrationality of Anti-Ahmadiyya Knows No Bounds


It is a pamphlet by the Anti-Ahmadiyya organization, Khatam e Nubuwat and it says that getting treatment from an Ahmadi doctor or an Ahmadi hospital is absolutely forbidden in Islam and a major sin.

I wonder, what they will say for a Christian, a Jewish, a Hindu, an atheist or a Buddhist doctor?

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  1. These maulvis are Kaafir because Kaafir is a fanatic person, at war with believers. Kaafir is not a simple disbeliever. Kaafir is an enemy type of person and tries to harm the believers of any faith.
    Any one can see that these maulvis are trying to invent a new Shariyat, of Haraam/ Halaal. Haraam Halaal is all mentioned in the Quran for the law brought by the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. But these maulvis are making news laws.
    They say; It is Haraam to speak to an Ahmadi. It is Haraam to meet any Ahmadi. It is Haraam to bury the body of an Ahmadi in muslim graveyard, even near that graveyard. It is Haraam to accept the invitation of any Ahmadi. All such things are not mentioned explicitly in the Shariyah. These maulvis are guilty of making a new Shariyah.
    Ahmadis have to be patient against all such acts of aggression by the maulvis.
    Ahmadis should not be moved by any politics but should stay away from those who are indulged in killing and looting and damaging properties.
    A Shahadat of a an Ahmadi should not move the Ahmadis that they stop differentiating between good and bad. Allah will look after His servants and bring about good results.

  2. How amazing in our time to see just how ignorant (muslims) have become. A faith that accepts all of the prophets of Allah,their books and their pure teachings, would at least be in the forefront of opened mindedness. I don’t accept their excuses or their arrogance, but, I do understand why muslims are engaging in such violence. If you believe that your faith is dead and its teachings are dead and your future is dead, how can life be worth living! Leaders among these muslims are weaker than their followers. My question is, if death is the way to Allah and the only straight way to HIM, why are so many leaders and their families are still alive?? You would think that if anyone in charge knows for certain the way to Allah’s Paradise,they and their family members would be at the front of the line. But, NO!! they hide in the darkness claiming they have the light. If anyone is placing an evil eye on our Master Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is the lost muslims. When do they get time to pray,fast, do good deeds, give justice and peace to a world crying for these things????? All I know, if I wanted Islam these muslims would encourage me to look at the Ahmadies muslims! After all, if the Ahmadies aren’t muslims, then the so called true muslims should stop killing them and offer them ISLAM!

  3. Those who commit such henious crimes in Pakistan are not Muslims. These people are ignorant of the teachings of the holy Quran and the prophet Muhammad (saws).
    These people are making a mockery of Islam in front of other people of other faiths.
    This is the reason Pakistan is looked upon nowadays as a terrorist country.

  4. I pity the self-syled Muslims of Pakistan. Is this Islam that you practise? Was this the Islam practised by Holy Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah)? It is very unfortunate that these so-called Muslims of Pakistan, a country carved out of Indian to enable Muslims practise their faith following the persecution of Muslims by the Hindu-dominated India in 1947, has become the very number One enemy of the religion of Islam. These mullahs and their followers do not even have time to worship Allah in the true spirit; rather every passing day sees them drifting towards the abyss of physical and spiritual destruction. Their political leaders do not fair better either. The days of Ad and Thamud are not far from these evil men who kill Ahmadi-Muslims for no just cause.

  5. The greatest enemies of Islam are the ignorant Muslims whose ignorance leads him to intolerance, whose actions destroy the true image of Islam, and when decent people look at them they think that is what Islam is, which ignorant Muslims equally think that everything they do is for Islam whereas it is a great dis-service to Islam.

    This is exactly the case of the so-called Muslims of Pakistan who like the beasts of the jungle descend on helpless and hapless [in that in obedience to Huzoor (aqdas) they would not mount street protests], Ahmadi-Muslims, butcher, shoot, maim them and go scot-free, and very often those who hold political powers in the animal kingdom look the other way.

    Their day of doom is nigh, in fact very near. I see the days of Prophets Noah, Shuaib and Pharaoh all combined very very near on these people and their leaders.


  6. We have progressed (read regressed) to the point that we are now issuing fatwas against buildings, institutions and other inanimate objects. The fatwa-issuing body probably thought that their target audience may be lured to the said medical centre because there was an American surgeon performing free surgeries so they decided to take that threat away. –

    See more at: http://www.thefridaytimes.com/tft/the-republic-of-hate/#sthash.n0YVc0Xl.dpuf-

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