Celebrating Sacrifice: The Lahore Martyrs and Dr. Mehdi

28th May 2010: Love for All, Hatred for None

Abdul Alim

Peace be upon all and the volunteers

Love has coloured them red as Martyrs

Tears have rolled down some eyes

Watched by the One whose light fills the skies

In the homeland of the pure

Suffering and hurt endure

Whispers of despair engulfs innocence

Life lived, devoid of essence

Hatred has dug graves upon graves

Shadows of sorrows grow waves upon waves

To this my dear land of sorrow

Today, yes, not tomorrow

Healers have brought the light

With the Messiah’s insight

With open arms, we cry, we await

My dear countrymen, do not hate, do not hate

Come to us, why shun?

Love for All, Hatred for None


27 May 2014- Makati City, The Philippines

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