Automatic machine to dispense Zamzam

Source: Saudi Gazette

MAKKAH – The King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz project for Zamzam has invented an automatic machine for the sale of Zamzam bottles to visitors and the public.

The machine will dispense bottles within two minutes when a pre-obtained receipt that contains a barcode is placed on a screen that verifies the payment and number of bottles purchased. These machines have been installed to combat the black market for Zamzam water bottles and to ensure a fair distribution of bottles to all visitors and the public.

Citizens and residents are allowed a certain number of bottles and this allocation is monitored through their identity cards.

The project will ensure that Zamzam bottles contain clean and pure holy water that is not mixed with other additives.
Zamzam production can be increased according to demand and the space available in the warehouses.

The main warehouse can accommodate 1.5 million bottles of Zamzam and another warehouse can accommodate 200,000 bottles.

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The Muslim Times’ Editor’s note:
Did Qura’n or The Messenger of Allah (SAW) indicated sacredness or any other quality of Zam Zam water? Are any blessings attached to Zam Zam water ? Any reference in our narratives ?
The Holy Qura’n and The Messenger of Allah tried to release and free humanity from  “self imposed prisons and chains of superstition” and trivialities. This is commercialization of water just like any US Nestle or coca-cola.

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  1. Well, here we go again! Saudi muslims, showing what True Islam looks like. I suppose the doing of good has to have a price tag. The blessing of Allah just don’t appear to be enough. Pepsi,Coke and any other beverage companies, in America aren’t willing to give charity unless, what they get in sells is far more then what they give. Since, muslims are so impress with non muslims, I am not surprised. All the money Allah has blessed the Saudi royalty with, why are they still looking for more ways to make money. I don’t think that what they are giving to needy muslims throughout the world, has reduced their wealth. Especially, since they seem to spend a lot on money trying to ensure non muslims have a great social life at the beach and the night clubs, etc. My heart is always sadden, but not shocked at their behaviors. This is what happens, when muslims don’t accept the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) (May Allah have Mercy on his soul and continue to grow The Ahmadiyya Movement). I guess finding ways to make quick money, shouldn’t be so surprising!!
    I’m thinking ahead, next will be bottles of sand. So, don’t be shocked! Its all about BUSINESS AND BY ANY MEANS NECCESARY!

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