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  1. Why Iqbal the incurable lover was the real culprit? He is around 42-45, married before, has five children to his responsibility (including 3 from his first wife) had the audacity of having a socially unacceptable affair with an 18-19 year old girl in 2007-9, in a household he visited because of some far-fetched relations, then strangulated his first wife (who was 10 years older than him) apparently for love of Farzana, became a police absconder, was arrested in Farzana’s village around Nankana, in 2013; won his pardon from son and then demanded Farzana’s hand who was already married to her cousin – Mazhar – in May 2012.
    Could Farzana’s father, existing in the social pressure cooker of a place like Nankana, had given his daughter to this man; 20 years older, 5 children, murderer and very poor? Add to this the little fact that all of these are extremely poor and uneducated, barely making ends meet, living from day to day. All live in a combined large household along with Mazhar – described as Farzana’s cousin and first husband.
    Despite all the inherent conflict, most men, even rural, are not as irresponsible or rash- as Iqbal was; most young or uneducated women – unlike Farzana – are wise to rebuff slippery situations like these and most families, despite their time warp, even in rural Punjab don’t end up murdering their daughters with bricks.
    comments are taken from Moeed Pirzada facebook’s page)https://www.facebook.com/MoeedPirzada/posts/639323589469789

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