Madam Noor Jehan, Zille Huma and Saqib Zeervi Sahib

Courtesy: Shahid Pervaiz, Canada

The following are excerpts from pages 352 to 354 of “Tajrebaat jo hein Amanat Hayat ki; the auto-biography of (late) Saqib Zeervi Sahib; a famous Pakistani, Ahmadi, Poet, an elite journalist and Editor of “The Weekly Lahore”.

Zille Huma - 1

Zille Huma - 2

Zille Huma - 3

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  1. Just shows that who practice true Islam – Ahmadis of course. Corruption is so rife particularly in Pakistan, among the Muslim Countries, that at least poor are suffering the most who cannot afford to pay the corrupt officials. A Pakistani TV channel ARY recently exposed that Police Officers who confiscated several memory cards from a an “Aamil” which contained explicit videos of a poor 17 year old girl made forcefully and despite her protests. Instead of deleting or handing these over to the girl’s family, Police demanded 50,000 Rupees or else! ARY investigators aired the Audio of the Police demanding this amount from the girls family. What a shameful act and this goes on every day. Yet the Police and authorities have time to punish Ahmadiyya Muslims on complaints of reciting the Holy Qur’an or saying Salam to so called “Muslims.

  2. Safaarash kee beemaaree koe khaass ker india aor pakistan mainn naykee aor oonchaa-punn samjhaa jaataa hai, jabkih ake gunah hai naajaiz SAFAARASH ,That is why in such countries the justice is a far fetched news , I dont know about other Asian countries, muslim or none muslims .

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