Extremist group [Boko Haram] misinterprets role of women

Usama Awan

Usama Awan

Usama is an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. He is studying Arabic and wants to pursue medicine as a career. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.


Boko Haram, an extremist group in Nigeria, recently kidnapped close to 300 school girls, claiming that Islam prohibits women from obtaining an education (“Britain, U.S. pump effort to rescue Nigerian girls,” Associated Press article, Saturday Dispatch). Nothing could be farther from the truth than what the leader of Boko Haram has concluded.

The Prophet Muhammad, who undoubtedly is the ultimate authority on Islam, mentioned that, “If a daughter is born to a person and he brings her up, giving her a good education and training in various arts of life, I shall myself stand between him and the hellfire.”

If Boko Haram claims to be following the true Islam, then how could its members ignore such a beautiful teaching?


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