The tyranny of certitude

Source: ET

The Senate recently passed a bill that seeks to punish anyone desecrating a grave with a life sentence. The news came as a great relief because with all the good friends, acquaintances and committed people around dying at quite a fast pace, one is, at least, relieved that the state will do something to protect them in their death even if they couldn’t be protected in their lives. This means security is guaranteed for Rashid Rehman, Dr Faisal Manzoor and many others who fell victim to faceless and brute violence.

This must be counted as a great piece of legislation at a time when the state has totally failed to protect its citizens. People have turned into numbers with each falling body amassing greater fear meant to put locks on tongues of the living. Recent investigations by the police of a murder last year proved that a doctor was killed because of his liberal views. Similar wasRashid Rehman’s sin that he tried to provide justice even to the one accused of committing the biggest sin in a Muslim society. But justice requires not punishing someone until proven guilty.


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