The Daughter of The King of Saudi Arabia?

Source:World Observer


on’t be surprised, but the daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia is a beautiful, modern woman, who doesn’t mind going out in public wearing only a scarf on her head and showing a bit of her hair!

Adlah bint Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz Al Saoud, is a modern women, who calls for the freedom of women and who believes that “Al Niqab” is more of a tradition, while the scarf is more of what Islam calls for!

Adlah sat in for an interview with the French newspaper “Le Figaro” and shared her views about marriage, Hijab, work for women and social media.


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  1. I believe that if women has a good education as well as man, they will understand the real meaning of Islam….
    1 Islam is peaceful religion and bring Mercy
    2. Islam is religious Liberty, no compulsion in Islam.
    3. Islam teaching equality between man and women.
    4. Islam treat all people fairly and equally.
    5. Islam teach people love all people regarding his race,religion, gender and ages.
    6. Islamic teaching not only from Al Quran but from all His Books
    7. Islam allow women to drive a car, shake hand with a man, and find her husband by herself.
    8. women who live in wild-hot desert like Saudi Arabia, have to cover whole body in order hot desert do not harm her hair, face, skin etc. Those women who live OUT OF HOT DESERT do not nedd wear Hijab, Burqa or do not cover your head.Do not feel guilty if you do not want to wear hijab, or veil etc.
    That is the only reason why ancient scholar oblige woman, or his daughters to cover her whole body with cloth.
    Modern interpretation on 21st century, based on Al Quran that all God’s laws related to worldly affair can be changed or reformed according to development of science and human culture in 21 st Century. So women do not fell quilty if she does not want to wear Hijab.
    All love

  2. Its a shame that the Qur’an has been misinterpreted to such a level where a woman can now uncover part of her hair. Yes Muslims today have become people of the Jahilliyyah era again, living in ignorance all in the name of interpreting the Qur’an to suit the 21St century. Islam is dynamic and beautiful and also are its teachings which suits every nation, generation and century. The hijaab as a viel for woman is not and never will be just a headcover. It is the total covering of a Muslimah. We have seen Educated women who keeps the hijaab and that is what is correct. To me, if you take off your hijaab because you feel you are now ‘modernise’ or ‘civilized’ or ‘educated’ then you are in reality degrading your modernism, cililization and education. I advice my sister to go back to hijaab which is the real modernism and May Allah guide us to the straight part.

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