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  1. Hopefully The custodian of The Holy Mosques King Abdullah will consider the above Innocent people to release soon and they will get there Religious Freedom as well.Ameen.

  2. The root of religious conflict in Islam is in the hand of King Abdullah of saudi Arabia ,where Islam was born.
    If King Abdullah accept the different interpretation of Islam, and respect each other, I strongly believe religious conflict will be end and stop for ever. King Abdullah treat 2 millions Muslim Shian and other religious minorities fairly.
    If King Abdullah can do it, he will be a excellent peacemaker in 21st century, this legacy will be remembered for ever.
    If King Abdullah can NOT do it, this nightmare religious war will not stop and will spread to all Golf States including Saudi Arabia.
    We pray to Allah, may Allah guide King Abdullah to treat all people fairly, and freedom of religion and non religion (atheist). Amen
    With all my love

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