An Update: [India] Ahmadiyya Mission House in Hyderabad Attacked during Friday Prayers!

By Shahid Badruddin, Bangalore.

Alhumdullilah, our Mualim Mv. Imran Sb was discharged after staying 1 day at the Hospital for head injuries, he is doing fine now.

The Police has taken action after an FIR against the miscreants was filed, 6 members are put behind bars for the attack.

Please find the letter for FIR below which will give you more insights into the attack.

Our members also gave interviews to the media and told them to “Judge the mentality of the attackers who had no values for their own Jumma Prayers and came to spoil the prayers of those who had!!”

Masha’Allah, Al’humdulillah… We have an upper hand in the situation now and the opponents are trying to request us for compromise as serious sections are registered.

However, a lot of Biased News against the Jamaat were put on Newspapers and TV channels (followed after the post) on this attack to show as if our Jama’at members were doing something illegal as luring youngsters to Ahmadiyyat using money. And this attack was an effort conducted by the youngsters to unearth some secret hideout of a dreaded Network (Khoofiya Qadiani Network!!).

Watch this Totally Biased video News Report:

Requesting prayers for our brothers and sisters in the region and around the world.

– – –

The FIR:

The Inspector of Police,
Basharat Nagaar, Hyderabad.


I Shaik Imran s/o Shaik Ramzan Maulim of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, aged 27 years, Occupation: Maulim, H/No :- 19-2-21/23/54/B, Nawab Sahib Kuntta, Basharat Nagar Takdi, Hyderabad. Residing in this above premises from last 2 1/2 years with my family, which includes my wife and a son.

As usual I was delivering Friday sermon at 13:25hrs a mob of 100 out of which 25 came in my house and took the mike and started abusing filthy language and started beating me all over my body and who ever came to rescue me were severely beaten by them. There were 40 women and 15 children and 5 men who came to offer Friday prayer. They tore my clothes and held my legs and dragged me out of my house which is located on first floor to ground. Then they beat me with sticks and cricket bat, and one of them hit me with a cricket bat on my head, and later on went on hitting persistently all over my body, even after I laid unconscious. The names which I have identified as 1. AMAIR 2. AJJU 3. MUNNU 4. KHALID (Meraj Masjid Imam) 5. AKRAM 6. ZAHID 7. TANVIR and many others which I do not know by their names but I will identify them if I see.

They entered in to my house and broke all my belongings and tore up the holy Quran and other religious books and calendar. Two of my community member helped me to reach Osmaniya Hospital. On my way I vomited twice due to my head injury and went unconscious. We Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believe in Kalma which is “There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”. We offer 5 daily prayer, we fast in the month of Ramadan, we pay Zakat (Islamic tax) and we perform Hajj (Pilgrimage to Mecca) and our motto is” Love for All and Hatred for None”.

The so called Muslim Maulvi preach hatred and enmity against us by wrongly interpreting the fact that we Ahmadi do not believe in finality of Prophethood which is utter lie against us. It was prophesied by the Prophet of Islam that in later days a Messiah and a Reformer will come to purify Islamic Teachings. We believe that the Reformer has already come who is Mirza Gulam Ahmed of Qadian which is in Punjab. He established the Ahmadiyaa Muslim Community in 1889, but the Muslims are still awaiting for the Reformer to come, this is the major difference, they consider us as Non Muslim (kafir).We preach the real teaching of Islam therefore they do not tolerate us, and attack our mosque and destroy the holy Quran and erase our Kalma from our mosque and do not want us to offer our prayer.

They have threatened me to kill, if they see me in that area again. As a citizen of India the constitution allows me to accept any religion and propagate the same without any hindrance. My fundamental rights have been violated and I therefore seek that it shall be ensured to me. I request you to take strict action against the culprit.

Shaik Imran.
Dated:- 09-05-2014.

– – –

The Newspaper reports (Kindly click to zoom them out):

EtemaadDaily Report as on 10-05-2014, Hyderabad, A.P, India


SiasatDaily Report as on 10-05-2014, Hyderabad, A.P, India


MunsifDaily Report as on 10-05-2014, Hyderabad, A.P, India



Please click to zoom it out

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  1. Allahumma Inna Najaluka Fi Nuhoorihum Va nahu dhubika min shuroorihum.O Allah! we make You a shield against enemies and we make refuge in You from their evils.(Abu Dawood)
    May Allah reward our Muallim Imran sb.The enemies can’t escape from Allah.

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