Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at condemns killing of students by Boko Haram

By Prince Okedinachi
March 2, 2014 20:18:23pm GMT

WorldStage Newsonline– Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at, Nigeria has condemned the killing of students in Yobe State and other attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents, calling them barbaric and uncivilized.

According to them, the killings have nothing to do with religion.

Boko Haram members arrested by security agents

Boko Haram members arrested by security agents

They say that Islam requires its followers to be kind to all God’s creation without discrimination and that the Boko Haram insurgents have no right to impose their beliefs on others because everyone is accountable to God alone.

President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria, Dr. Mashhud Fashola, stated this in Abuja over the weekend, at the 3rd Northern Region Jalsa Tarbiyah with the theme: Islamic Model for National Reconciliation and Re-Birth.

“The heart of all human beings should bleed at these killings because it is barbaric, it has nothing to do with religion, and it has nothing to do with civilization,” he said.

“As we worship the God of all creation, it requires us to be kind to all God’s creation without discrimination. If I recognize that I have the right to choose any religion or sect that I want, then I also need to recognize that the next person also has the right to also choose any religion or sect and I should not fight anybody on that basis, I only have right on my own decision to choose a religion or none at all.

“We have no right to compel anyone but to dialogue.

“You see all things have their causes, both immediate and latter causes and I feel that this has thought us to enlighten the people and one major enlightenment is the spirit of justice, we should educate all religious people that there is freedom of worship, freedom of believe because there are people who are fanatics or extremists who are killing people, thinking they have the right to impose their beliefs on others, we have no such rights, we are accountable to God alone.

“Islam teaches us to address poverty, if everybody is taken care of, there will be less insecurity, for when someone is hungry and has nowhere to go to for survival, you have turned him into an animal, so we have de-humanized most of our citizens and so they can be used by most evil people.”

President, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’t , Northern Region, Yaqeen Habeeb said that the essence of this year’s theme was to make people realise that even though the country is celebrating 100 years of unity, it still has not been able to produce a government widely accepted by all.

He said, “We have not been able to put everything in place, in the aspect of the kind of government that satisfies every part of the country because everyone wants somebody from his tribe.

“The model that Allah has put in place and implemented by the holy prophet is actually what will solve all our problems, if this model is practiced, nobody will be bothered by where the president comes from because there would have been absolute justice and employment for everybody where the needs of everyone will be taken care of. We are trying to put across that Allah has put in place a model for us to practice.”

Representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Justice Ogbuiefi, who stood for the Christian community, stated that, “We should have more conferences where the two sides harmoniously share together, because we are from one God and one father of faith Abraham, when you have children, they can never be the same. So you cannot leave apart or without peace or against one another.

“We believe that the church and our Muslim brothers are one because we came from the same God and source, if we uphold that, you discover that some of the things we hear and see in Nigeria will not be taking place.”

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  1. He is disgrace on the face of world and humanity. You can see he looks very much like a common criminal. انا للہ و انا الیہ راجعون

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