Muslim Television Ahmadiyya: Community Broadcasting to a Global Audience

An annual gathering being broadcast

An annual gathering being broadcast

From the very start MTA was founded to be a different kind of channel, one that would establish a uniquely independent voice and provide “a positive alternative in the broadcasting world.” As it approaches its third decade on air, the station continues to deliver on that early promise, producing a comprehensive roster of programmes, including news coverage, educational content, religious issues, current affairs, documentaries, outside broadcast of events and sports updates that is always free from both commercial sponsorship and subscription. It is a considerable undertaking for the largest organisations to broadcast 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the team at MTA the challenge is also to meet the needs of an audience that spans five continents. The accommodation of “viewers from Moscow to Melbourne and from Tokyo to Toronto” not only requires a highly developed global awareness, but often includes simultaneous translation in up to nine languages.

Another crucial aspect of MTA’s approach is the principle that programming not distinguish between adults and children in the audience. When it comes to shaping content and defining the schedule, this type of inclusivity presents its own challenges. It has also kept MTA at the forefront of emerging technologies and led to the early embrace of mobile applications and You Tube, as well as a committed engagement with social media.

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