US panel urges action on Pak religious freedom for Ahmadis

The Nation:

An expert panel on Wednesday urged the United States to add Pakistan to a blacklist of violators of religious freedom, saying that the Ahmadi minority suffers “apartheid-like” conditions.
The US Commission on International Religious Freedom, which advises the government on policy but does not take action on its own, urged the State Department to add Pakistan to its list of “countries of particular concern” subject to potential sanctions.
In an annual report, the commission said Pakistan “represents the worst situation in the world for religious freedom” among countries that are not already on the US blacklist and that conditions in the past year “hit an all-time low.”
Robert George, chairman of the commission, voiced alarm over treatment of the Ahmadis, who were declared by Pakistan to be non-Muslims in 1974.
“The Ahmadi minority in Pakistan lives under something really resembling an apartheid-like system subject to severe legal restrictions,” said George, comparing the situation to South Africa’s 1948-1994 system of forced racial separation.


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  1. Religious people of all religions should work for freedom for all religions within range of moral conduct. There should be no punishment for beliefs.
    In Brunei, Sultan is enforcing Sharia laws. Let him apply them to the Muslims only. The non-Muslims should be left to practice their own faith. The Sharia should be enacted in parliament and not applied by any royal decree. There should be a referendum in the country to find out whether the Muslims want the Sharia laws or not.

    It is a bad situation/ condition in Pakistan with the very bad laws in the country. If Nawaz wants to improve the state of affairs in Pakistan, he should work to remove the bad laws. He is not a Prime Minister to do Business. It is his responsibility to make good laws by pointing, inviting,requesting / co-operating with other political leaders.
    If he will not do that, he will go down very quickly and the very maulvis whom he is supporting, they will hurt him badly.
    When Z A Bhutto sahib amended the constitution to make Ahmadis non-Muslim in 1974, the maulvis praised for him to live a very long life. But it was the maulvis who brought down ZAB sahib in 1977.
    Beware political leaders.

  2. As long as the Ahmadiyya Muslims are maltreated in Pakistan, it will not get peace and tranquillity, similar to Afghanistan where an innocent “Prince Abdul Latif” was stoned to death just because he was an Ahmadi Muslim and true follower of the Promised Messiah. The Promised Messiah after hearing the news proclaimed; Oh Afghanistan there will never be peace in this land. How true it is. Pakistan is going through the same, stop the cruel treatment meted out to the Ahmadiyya Community who helped in the creation of Pakistan. Treat all the minorities equally and justly, peace and normality will return in the land.

  3. @. Ghulam Sarwar. I fully agree with you—
    quote–Religious people of all religions should work for freedom for all religions within range of moral conduct. There should be no punishment for beliefs–unquote.
    but can you suggest to the Muslim Times, NOT to delete/ ban my article / my respond, even Muslim Ahmadiyah does not like my respond?

    The Muslim Times should not delete or / ban some of my respond.if moderators really support of; “love for all, hatred none for all”
    with all my love.

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