France says it backs the evacuation of Muslims in Central African Republic ‘as last resort’

Global Post: France said on Tuesday it supported the evacuation of Muslims under threat of reprisals in Central African Republic “as a last resort,” saying that the priority was to save lives despite concerns it could lead to the division of the country.

The United Nations said on April 1 it was trying to evacuate 19,000 Muslims urgently from the capital Bangui and other parts of Central African Republic who are surrounded by anti-balaka Christian militia threatening their lives.

Anti-balaka forces control major routes to and from Bangui as well as many towns and villages in the southwest, the UN refugee agency said. The militia has become more militarized as it steps up attacks on Muslims and African Union peacekeepers.

The militias have previously attacked convoys of Muslims who were being evacuated by private convoys or Chadian troops to Chad or the north of the country. With 2,000 troops in its former colony, France could provide security for any evacuation.

The head of the French contingent, General Francisco Soriano, said last week he was against an evacuation, saying: “Our role is to protect populations and do everything so that they can live where they have always lived.”


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    There was no such urgency when the seleka murderers slaughtered Christians in that same country. One wonders when the UN and France ever showed concern to the protection of Christian populations beleaguered by their attackers. Egypt, Pakistan and Syria provide perfect examples.
    The Central African Republic is almost permanently on the front page of TMT. It was not so when the Christians were the victims.

  2. Rafiq,
    How many articles did you, or anyone else for that matter, post on the victimization of Christians in the Central African Republic when a muhammadan ruled and perpetrated every type of crime on the majority population?

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