Saudi born NFLD man ordered to leave Canada

A judge has ordered a man from Saudi Arabia to leave the country after he attacked and threatened to kill his daughter. Staff
Published Tuesday, March 25, 2014 5:56PM EDT

A Saudi man who admitted to choking and threatening his daughter has been ordered by a Newfoundland judge to leave Canada or face arrest.

Provincial Court Judge James Walsh handed down a suspended sentence with a year’s probation Tuesday on condition that 56-year-old Khalaf Alshaek leave the country immediately or otherwise face arrest.

Alshaek reportedly attacked his 30-year-old daughter after she carried on a secret relationship with a Newfoundland man, whom she married earlier this month.


A Newfoundland judge has ordered Saudi man Khalaf Ashaek to leave Canada.

Alshaek was unaware the pair had wed, but flew into a rage last week when his daughter brought up the possibility of marriage to him. Alshaek, who reportedly accused his daughter of bringing shame upon the family, threatened to kill her and choked her at least twice, leaving visible marks on her neck.

In court, Alshaek pleaded guilty to assault and threatening his daughter.

Walsh said cultural differences offer an explanation for what happened, but do not justify the actions taken.

Alshaek claimed the incident would never have happened if his daughter had told him she was married, saying that any shame and responsibility would have shifted from him to his daughter’s new husband.

Alshaek was also ordered not to have any contact with his daughter or her husband. The couple will remain in Newfoundland.

According to reports, Alshaek came to St. John’s three years ago with his family to be a chaperone to his daughter while she attended university.

A representative from the Saudi embassy will be escorting Alshaek home to Saudi Arabia.

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