Do You Have 10 Minutes for God? A Practical Way to Pray for People Who Think They’re Too Busy

Huff Post: by William Stillman —

In my work as a spiritual counselor and adviser, I encounter all too often people who do not pray, pray inconsistently, or who don’t know how to pray. A common excuse is that they “forget,” like forgetting to floss or balance the checkbook. Some haven’t thought about God in such a long time that they feel it’s useless to start praying now. Others think that going to a house of religion such as a church or temple is the only way to pray and they haven’t the time. While I would never discourage anyone from participating in religious service with a congregation, it’s not about a place — it’s about a purpose. Please know that God is patient and always accessible to you no matter your environment or circumstances.

When I ask my clients if they have 10 minutes a day for God, they all invariably say yes. But saying you will commit to the intention and actually manifesting the intention are two different things. This process will require self-discipline in order to be conscious and aware enough to make time to be with God on a daily basis. I recommend that this prayer time be the same 10 minutes every day in order to develop a good habit and make the time fit within the flow of your typical daily routine. Some people choose to pray as they are awakening to a new day, others pray at bedtime, and still others pray during their lunch break. Personally, I pray throughout every day so that my conscious state becomes almost a perpetual meditation.

Here’s a way to pray that I have found useful and effective.


Editor’s note: In Islam, praying five times/day is one of the 5 pillars of Islam and besides that, there are short prayers for almost every right and good  action/work one does throughout the day, just to be mindful of the fact that what is the purpose of our lives here on this earth.

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