Women’s World Congress – Hyderabad INDIA

Women’s Worlds Congress

International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women – a brief

The first Women’s Worlds Congress was held at Haifa University in December of 1981.

It was the first world-wide interdisciplinary gathering to focus on research pertaining to women’s issues and to be open to all interested researchers and activists.

Since then, WW has taken place every three years in different parts of the world.

World women

Hyderabad, India is the location of the 12th Women’s Worlds (WW) in 2014. Hosted by the University of Hyderabad and is headed by Prof Rekha Pande, the brain behind bringing this conference to India.  It will be held August 17-22.

Our theme for this conference is Gender in a changing world. We hope to achieve a lot with the varied views, experiences and sharing of women from around the globe and invite you to come and be part of the change we define in our world.

The conference will move from Hyderabad, India to Brazil for the 13th Woman’s World (WW) in 2017!


Additional Reading

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