Sierra Leone: Isha Johansen Joins Kallon at Ahmadiyya

Source: | By Ahmed Sahid Nasralla (De Monk)


The Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) President, Isha Johansen, yesterday joined the alma mater of football icon Mohamed Kallon by becoming the newest student of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Secondary School at Kissy Dock Yard, Freetown.

She said she did her research and was reliably informed that Ahmadiyya is the factory of sports men and women of this country. Arguably, 90% of them hail from this school, she said.

She admonished the students that their success in life, whether as athletes or as scholars, depends on three things: self-discipline, integrity and patriotism.

“Yes, education is important because it enables you to be logical about things; but education without discipline is useless,” she emphasized, adding that indiscipline is what majority of the country’s athletes have suffered from in the past.

She described integrity as an easy word “but very difficult to apply in our everyday life”.

“It is that truth between you and God; the consciousness of doing the right thing and the truth,” she maintained.

She added: “And there’s love and patriotism. We have to put our country first.”

The SLFA President announced a donation of …

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