Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: New plans for a mosque in the western part of Frankfurt (Germany)

The Ahmadiyya community wants to build a house of prayer in the Frankfurt district Nied . The stated goal is: “a place to break down prejudices ” .

(Editor’s note: please bear with us, ‘google translate’ being used. Original article in German).

The Frankfurt Ahmadiyya Muslim community wants to build a new mosque in the west of the city. As a building site , a site on the Schwanheimer bridge in Nied is under discussion. Integration Dezernentin Nargess Eskandari – Grünberg ( Green Party) supported the project. The supervision has also been introduced to the project. However, there is at the moment , according to chief officer Michael Kummer only a ” non-binding inquiry ” . The project is still at a very early stage.

Rainer Schulze
Author: Rainer Schulze, born in 1978, Editor- in the Rhine- Main-Zeitung .

Stefan Toepfer
Author: Stefan Toepfer , born in 1965 , Editor- in the Rhine- Main-Zeitung .

As the spokesman for the Ahmadiyya community , Zafar Khan , said yesterday on request, this Mosque would become home to around half of the members in the western districts . The approximately 1000 believers at the moment would not have a venue . The community have looked at several properties . The about 5,000 square meter site in Nied , which had been offered to her to buy, would be a  convenient location .

According to Khan , there were already first contacts of the owner with the town council , the conversation with this committee and with the citizens wanted the community would intensify in the future . First, she wanted to wait and see what  the city will say with views of the development plan. Then there will be another interview with the land owner and the national chairman of the community, Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser .

Part of society

Eskandari – Grünberg said, their concern is that if the plan will realize , there arises a situation of adequate and sophisticated mosque. She praised the will of the community to see themselves as part of society and to involve politicians and citizens in the project.

According to Building laws, the project is not without problems . The plot is in an  agricultural zoning area . Except meadows located near the shelter also Nied . In the land use plan , the area is characterized as a growth area for forest. A building is thus difficult because overriding objectives are in the way. An amendment to the plan would be needed – a complicated process in which Frankfurt would coordinate with the regional association .

It is also unclear which physical volume at this point is possible. For a visible mosque , the location would be suitable . The City Planning Department has not yet dealt with the idea and can not give any information on the shape of the building. It has also not yet checked whether the transport connection is sufficient to cope with the prayer sessions intermittently arriving believers. Lots of parking would in any case necessary.

Manfred Lipp (CDU ) , responsible for Nied mayor , said he did so far by the property owners of the mosque construction projects. Would the plans become more concrete , the town council will insist that the community itself give information . Currently not speak against the project. Khan said the new mosque was to be a ” meeting place “, which can help reduce prejudice against Muslims.

As early as 1959 a small mosque

If it came to the building, which would have to have a certain size in view of the 1000 members of the community , he would be the third branch of the Ahmadiyya community in Frankfurt. As early as 1959 they had built a small mosque at the Babenhäuser country road in Sachsenhausen , it was the first Islamic prayer house in Frankfurt. On Geneva Street in Nieder-Eschbach the community, in Hesse has the status of a public corporation since May 2013 According , its Germany headquarters. The community is adjacent to the Ditib National Association of second support for Muslim religious education in Hesse, and she is a member of the Frankfurt city council of religions.

The Ahmadiyya community Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam goes back to Ahmad, in which she sees the prophesied Messiah in Islam . He founded the community in 1889 in India. Many members in Germany come from Pakistan, where the community is regarded as un-Islamic and is being prosecuted . It sees itself as a reform congregation who knows the Koran against any ” literalism ” as Wagishauser once said. At the same time she was ” conservative values ​​,” the five pillars of Islam would not be standing up for grabs . This refers to the Creed, the Praying five times a day, alms , fasting and pilgrimage to Mecca.


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