Daniel Pipes and the anti-Islam crowd’s cries for attention sounding increasingly desperate

Source: The Daily Caller

By Qasim Rashid: Spokesperson, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA

Imagine if you picked up your morning paper and the news story read “Judaism’s inadvertent effects on adherents.”

Imagine if article’s non-Jewish author wrote, “The Torah strictly bans the consumption of pork, leading to the virtual disappearance of domesticated pigs in Jewish-majority areas, then their replacement by sheep and goats. These herds have overgrazed the land, which has led, to “a catastrophic deforestation.””

But it gets worse. Imagine if, after bizarrely blaming Jewish dietary habits for ecological damage, the non-Jewish author blamed “high Jewish government standards” for slavery.

Judaism’s unattainably high standards for governmental behavior meant historically that existing leaders, with their many faults, alienated Jewish subjects, which meant Jewish governments systematically deployed slaves as soldiers.”

Then imagine if the non-Jewish writer claimed Judaism is primitive, and teaches hatred and violence against non-Jews.

Jewish doctrine ingrains a sense of Jewish superiority, a disdain for the faith and civilization of others, which has obstructed Jews from learning modernization from the West. Those scriptures also imbue a hostility toward non-Jews, which in turn generates an assumption that non-Jews harbor a like hostility toward Jews.”

I could go on but by now, you would recognize such language as obviously bigoted and anti-Semitic. Now, replace Jew with Muslim, Judaism with Islam, and Torah with Koran. Would that change your perception of such an article?

Hopefully it wouldn’t. But sadly, you need not merely imagine.

What I’ve cited above is not a hypothetical article, but almost verbatim what the Washington Times published last week in a lengthy, baseless, and unreferenced tirade against Islam and Muslims. Never mind that the author, Daniel Pipes, is not a Muslim, has a history of promoting anti-Islam propaganda, and does not cite a single verse of the Qur’an or hadith to substantiate even one of his dozens of unfounded allegations. Indeed, never mind that the Washington Times did not bother to fact check a single one of Pipes’s allegations, each of which I thoroughly debunked here.

But this is what the anti-Islam agenda has come to; claiming Islam’s ban on pork is causing “catastrophic deforestation.”

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  1. It is hard to make Pipes see any reason to analyze Islam and Muslims on the basis of the real teachings of Islam. His blog does not post replies refuting his claims (my experience). I hope Dr. Zia’s postings will help readers understand Pipe’s one-sided propaganda.

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