USA: Organized Interfaith Experience Project seeks to bring understanding through worship space field trips


From mosques to cathedrals, this university’s Interfaith Experience Project is aiming to bring together different faiths and encourage acceptance, education and unity by exploring worship spaces.

The project, sponsored by the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy office and the Memorial Chapel, will organize a series of trips to various religious-based communities and places of worship to explore and learn about different faiths.

The project began this past week when 10 university students attended the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Baitur Rehman Mosque in Silver Spring.

“It’s really been a community effort,” said Hanna Moerland, project creator and interfaith programs and spiritual diversity graduate coordinator for the multicultural involvement and community advocacy office. “They’re being able visit services and traditions they weren’t familiar with.”

An Ahmadiyya community outreach coordinator gave the group a tour and a talk about Islam. Melinda Pandiangan, a senior business major, attended the trip for the afternoon prayer and session.

“I’m from a Christian background,” Pandiangan said. “[Islam and Christianity] are closely related, but people don’t realize it.”

Joe Ehrenkrantz, a senior English and government and politics major, recently created the student group, the Interfaith Council, on the campus.

“What we as a council try to do is… read more at


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