China Kunming knife attack: Three suspects captured

As shocked relatives come to terms with the killings, Beijing is certain to argue that the scale and shocking brutality of this attack shows that the threat is real and serious

The three remaining suspects involved in Saturday’s deadly mass knife attack in the Chinese city of Kunming have been captured, state media report.

Eight attackers burst into the south-western city’s railway station, stabbing people at random, leaving 29 dead and wounding more than 130.

Four attackers were shot dead by police at the scene, officials say. An injured female suspect was reportedly detained.

Officials have blamed separatists from the Xinjiang region for the attack.

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What must really worry China’s leaders is that the violence from Xinjiang now appears to be spreading”

image of Martin PatienceMartin PatienceBBC News, Beijing

Citing a statement from the Ministry of Public Security, Xinhua news agency said six men and two women, led by a person identified as Abdurehim Kurban, were responsible for the attack.

There were no details about how the suspects were identified and captured.

Officials say that evidence, such as insignia and flags about “East Turkestan”, points to the involvement of Uighur separatists from Xinjiang – a region in the far west of China bordering Central Asia.

China’s security chief, Meng Jianzhu, has vowed “all-out efforts” to “severely punish terrorists”.

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