How FG Can Tackle Boko Haram Menace? By Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at (AMJ), Nigeria, has called on the federal government to tackle poverty, recruit committed Nigerians into the police and armed forces and equip them with modern communication technology gadgets and logistics as part of measures to checkmate the insurgency and crimes in the country.


The Amir Sahib of the AMJ, Nigeria, Dr Mashhhud A. Fashola made the plea yesterday in Abuja at the three-day 3rd Northern Region Conference on Moral Training (Jalsa Tarbiyyat) themed “Islamic Model for National Reconciliation and Re-birth”.

“The heart of all human beings should bleed with these killings. It is barbaric; it has nothing to do with religion; it has nothing to do with civilization.  But they have their causes, both immediate and deeper causes and I feel that we need more enlightenment that there is freedom of worship. People who are extremists and killing people think they have freedom to impose their belief on others. But they have no such rights; we are all accountable to God alone.

“Secondly, Islam teaches us to fight poverty. We should not allow any citizen to be hungry in the land, to lack clothing or shelter or access to water. If the citizens are taken care of, there would be less insecurity. If someone is hungry, has nowhere to go for survival, you would …continue reading at

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