Ahmadiyya Muslim Community starts Tabligh Activity in Croatia

By Zubair Khan

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Germany has also been entrusted almost two dozen neighbouring countries to spread the message of real Islam. All the activities in these countries are administered and monitored by Amir of Germany through national shoba tabligh. In Balkan area Croatia is also included in the entrusted countries. By the blessings of Allah, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMJ) in Croatia got registered in December-2013. Nigran Moballigh Wasim Ahamd, Hafiz Fareed Khalid National Secretary Tabligh, AMJ Germany and Moballigh from Sylvania, Mr Talah Ahmad Chaudhry, played the pivotal role to get the Jamaat registered in Croatia.

A suitable residence for the Moballigh along with Jamaat office hired to run the activities.  Certain related formalities are still under completion. Meanwhile a devotee from German Jamaat Mr Nasir Rajput volunteered to cooperate in the initial tabligh work of Croatian Jamaat. He arrived Zagreb on 3 weeks Waqfe Arzi. Sadar and Moballigh AMJ Bosnia, Mr Mofeez-Ur Rahman, extended extra ordinary cooperation and dispatched available literature urgently  to Zagreb.

On 13.02.2014, Mr Nasir Rajput in main city area distributed the Jamaat introductory leaflet in Bosnian language to hundreds of Croatians. It was ensured that each leaflet distributed contains the address, website, email address and telephone number of Croatia Mission office. It was just an humble start which will be followed with few other activities. (Inshallah) MT readers are requested to remember this devotee as well AMJ Croatia in prayers.
Mr Nasir Rajput distributing Jamaat leaflet.

Mr Nasir Rajput distributing Jamaat leaflet.

Mr Nasir Rajput explaining the Jamaat view point

Mr Nasir Rajput explaining the Jamaat view point

Another Croatian getting Jamaat message

Another Croatian getting Jamaat message

Position of Jesus Christ under discussion

Position of Jesus Christ under discussion


9 replies

  1. خدائی فوج کے سپاہیوں کو مبارک
    اللہ قبول فرمائے
    اور متقی روحیں عطا فرمائے
    اللہ کرے کہ یہ قوم اب جنگ کی بجائے امن قائم کرنے میں اپنا کردار ادا کرے آمین۔

  2. Mobarak to German Jamaat, Amir sahib of Germany and new Missinary
    in Croatia for opening the new Mission House. Now Tabligh activties of the
    Jamaat in the Balkan area countries are spreading very fast. Readers are
    requested for prayers.

  3. بسم اللہ ارحمن الرحیم
    اللہ تعالیٴ آپ کی مساعی میں برکت ڈالے اور قبولیت سے نوازے آمین

  4. asalamu alaikum. alhamdullilah i am born ahmadi
    the only ahmadi son of my father who is also an ahmadi. as i am an arab origin leaving in kenya. it was difficult for us to marry our native sunni arab women . and in our area we dont have arab ahmadis for us to marry. luckyly i got married to a sunni whom i later convince about jamat ahmaddiyya. we had 5 children.after leaving with her for more than twenty years she wanted to go back to sunni again.mr. zubair saheb what do you advice me. if she will continue living with me she must accept me to marry an ahmadi woman this my thinking.so if you can give contact of any divorced ahmadi woman of any european or asian i am ready to marry .
    looking foward for your prompt and favourable reply.
    jazakumu allah

  5. Before any advise as well if you do not mind can you please intimate after 20 years what prompted her to go back to Sunni Islam?

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