Will Saudi Arabia Destroy Islam’s Greatest Heritage?




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Will Saudi Greed Destroy Islam’s Greatest Heritage?


Islamic heritage is in danger and the threat to sites such as the tomb of the Holy Prophet Mohammad is coming from none other than an entity that had sworn to protect it – the Saudi government.

While reports of Prophet Mohammad’s tomb being bulldozed are nothing new, what is absolutely astonishing is that the Kingdom is willing to raze a site of such significance for further economic gains.


Saudi authorities claim the move is being made to accommodate more pilgrims, which if read between the lines, translates into further profits for the custodians of the Kaaba, a structure Muslims all over the world face towards while praying.



The plans include the razing the Riyad-al-Jannah – a graveyard where several of Prophet Mohammed’s companions are buried – as well as the graves of the Holy Prophet and Caliphs Abu Bakar and Umar.




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8 replies

  1. Br. Rafiq is right. It is the Wahhabi doctrine, their way of looking at the Shariyat. When wahhabis give more importance to Hadith over the Quran and Sunnat, there is nothing to stop them from any bad deed.
    They will kill the apostate and the adulterer and they will raise the dome of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s., all on the basis of some lone Hadith.
    They are trying to be more puritanical., holier than thou.

  2. for CS
    do you know YAZEED was incharge of a big part(majority )of Muslims at that time ???
    do you know how Saudi family takeover charge.
    who help them ???
    and till now what they are doing??
    there All actions aer God’s Will???

  3. Yazeed was khalifah at that time. He was son of Ameer Mu’awiyya. Indeed most of the Muslims at that time were his subjects. Hazrat Imam Hussain fought against the armies of the Khalifah and lost.
    So yes, everything in this world is under God’s control. God says in the Holy Qur’an that not a leaf falls from the tree but God knows about it.
    So instead of getting emotional about it, we should follow God’s way. He has created this world and he has made certain laws and rules. So we should follow them.
    We should also not blame others for our problems. If others can find corrupt and bad people among us, we should reform our own. Once again God says in the Qur’an that He does not change the destiny of a people unless they strive to change their own destiny.

  4. We must not do bad things and blame it on Allah. Rather, we should perform good deeds and leave the result to Allah. That should be the destiny.
    Islam teaches medium course in many disputed matters, I.e. materialism and spiritualism, individual rights versus communism, intent plus potential (Tadbeer) versus destiny I.e. Taqdeer(leaving all to God).
    Hussain a.s. never took up fight against Yazeed. He did not give pledge of obedience to Yazeed. That was his great work. Apart from that, Hussain a.s. did not fight any one and he did not organise an Army. He was leaving the country (the jurisdiction of Yazeed). The Yazeed government stopped Hussain forcibly and killed Hussain and his close companions.

  5. TO CS – You state something that I cannot comprehend very well. Does your post imply that the opposition to Islam and our Holy Prophet (saw) that took place during his (saw) time should have been left unchecked as that too was the will of my Beloved Allah the Almighty?
    All the martyrdoms that took place at that time were also the will of Allah the Almighty? For He says in the Holy Quran – that if you kill one human being it is like killing the entire humanity. Any thoughts on this?
    It is a long topic but I would like to hear your thoughts on my comments.

  6. hadith states that such action will happen.

    then after saudi authorities doing such activities, Imam Mahdi will come and unite the Muslims. He will be Caliph over the Muslims.

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