Crawley: Ahmadiyya Muslim leader says suspected British suicide bomber Abdul Waheed Majid was a “role model” to younger Muslims



PEACEFUL MESSAGE: Ahsan Ahmedi, regional president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, has said Abdul Waheed Majid attempted to disrupt events promoting peace

THE man suspected of carrying out a suicide bombing in Syria last week “attempted to disrupt” a Crawley Muslim group’s peace initiatives and was a “role model” to younger Muslims.

Counter terrorism officers have today (Wednesday) been searching the home of Abdul Waheed Majid in Martyrs Avenue, Langley Green, in connection with the suicide bombing on a prison in the Syrian city of Aleppo last week.

Mr Majid, 41, had been in Syria since last summer, with his family under the impression he was on a humanitarian mission, handing out aid but they have not heard from him for about six days.

Now a Muslim group promoting peace and unity among Muslims and non-Muslims is claiming Mr Majid attempted to disrupt their meetings in the past and that younger Muslims looked up to him.

Nazir Basharat, of the UK Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, has this afternoon tweeted: “Abdul Waheed Majid, the bomber in Syria, was known to Ahmadiyya Crawley as part of a gang who used to come disrupt their peace initiatives.”

Ahsan Ahmedi, regional president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association which has a mosque in Langley Drive, confirmed to the Crawley News that the group had been confronted by Mr Majid in the past.

He said: “Whenever we had discussions and promotional events in the town a group of younger Muslim boys and Mr Majid would try to… read more @

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  1. The ahmadiya group are not MUSLIMS at all and are the result of British rule of india and Pakistan in portraying a man claiming to be the Messiah. His ideology was funded and is still funded to promote rule and divide policy. Any person who claims to be a prophet is in fact in breach of apostasy laws and is punishable by death. They are declared KAAFIR BY all sunni Muslims and are not allowed to propagate in many countries. Anybody coming from India and Pakistan claiming to be a ahmadi is granted political asylum as they are rejected by all.

    • Abu Owais al Britani: If I was al britani I would be offended by the silly claim that the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at was ‘funded by the British’ or in any way ‘supported by the British’. Go and visit Qadian and see the simple ancestral home he lived in. At the height of the British Empire could they not have provided with him some Maharaja’s palace? If you read the history you will see that the British courts did even not restore the ancestral property to the Promised Messiah’s family (which they lost in the Sikh wars). And ‘still funded’? A lie that is easily proved wrong. Just look at the audited accounts and you will see that all funding comes from the humble members. Ahmadis rejected by all? Well, you are proving the Hadith. Thanks.

  2. Abu Owais al Britany, you seem to be completely IGNORANT of not just the religion you profess to follow, but a great many other issues.

    Like brother Rafiq, I too, am a converted Ahmadi. Not because somebody paid me to become one but, due to doing research in Islam over the years and asking questions.

    Oh btw, I was a Shia Muslim.

    And do you know what impressed me the most when I couldn’t for various reasons, make up my mind, on what to do after having exhausted many questions(for the time being), re Ahmadiyyat, mainstream Islam and other comparative religions?

    When I asked our Missionary whom I would inundate with questions every week on what I should do, he didn’t grab the opportunity to convert me there and then like others had tried to do over the years with the claim that if I followed them I would attain heaven.

    Instead he told me to pray to Allah, especially the Tahajjud prayer and Istikhara and ask Him for help. I was very impressed with this reply as he was the first ‘representative’ of any sect or religion who involved God Almighty in my decision making.

    This is exactly what I did and after about a year of doing this, I got the answer and became an Ahmadi, a fact, I have never regretted, Alhamdulillah.

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