A Murder in Makkah

Source: Dawn.

The authorities at the Saudi Hospital where they finally found him said they had found his body in a rubbish heap near an industrial area in Arafat. The young Pakistani men who had been looking everywhere for him since his disappearance a day or so ago did not believe them.

They knew their friend and roommate, they knew the hopes with which he had arrived, the optimism with which he looked to the future. Even the night he disappeared, he had taken care to bathe and dress and had seemed happy. He said he was going out for just a little while. The next time they saw him, he was dead.

The story of A, a young man from a small village in the northwest of Pakistan, is hardly an unusual one. Unlike the millions that descend on the holy city of Makkah to pray for salvation and success, he came to find a job.


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