Mosque is ordered to remove dome put up without planning permission

Leaders at a mosque in Feltham have had to remove a dome and signage that was put up without planning permission

A mosque in Hanworth Park has had to remove its dome and signs after losing a planning appeal.

The Baitul Wahid mosque in Feltham, under the umbrella of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, put up the structure without planning permission last year, and lost its appeal to the Bristol based Planning Inspectorate in early November.

The Muslim association was given under December 4 to remove the dome and large signs, and has complied with the order.

A spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said: “It is regrettable that the local authority did not seek to resolve this matter through dialogue; however we have immediately implemented the decision of the inspector, and will seek to cooperate with the local authority to find a more suitable solution to this unfortunate incident.”

Hounslow Council said: “Planning consent for a dome structure and signage was refused at the end of last year, and a planning enforcement notice relating to the construction of an unauthorised dome was issued in April this year. The applicant appealed our decision, but this was dismissed last month, and the unauthorised works have been removed.”

The Planning Inspectorate upheld the council’s decision to refuse retrospective planning permission on the grounds the main building entrance is the prominent feature of the building, without the dome, and that the dome is an ‘incongruous’ addition to the area.

In addition, an appeal against a number of large signs were rejected for their size and positioning. Five of the six advertisement signs on the grounds, primarily the ones hanging over the single storey roof and above the main entrance, were also listed to be removed by the inspectorate.

However, parts of the appeal which were allowed included the installation of railings and gates as well as the display of one sign.


Baitul Wahid Mosque in Feltham

3 replies

  1. But how come law abiding Ahamdiyya Community did so without proper permission. Here in Germany two mosques did not get permission for minarets and were constructed without it.

  2. It is better to remove the dome because the local authority (ulul amray min kum) says so. I don’t think that the Ka’aba has a dome and neither did the first Mosque of the Prophet(PBUH).

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