Ahmadiyya Mosque

British Columbia’s New grand mosque

LARISSA CAHUTE, VANCOUVER DESI British Columbia’s Ahmadiyya Muslim community finally has a place to call home. The local and Canada-wide community raised $8 million for their new mosque on Delta’s River Rd. and nearly 5,000 people — including Ahmadiyya Muslim leader from the U.K., Mirza Masroor Ahmed — came out […]

In Pakistan, a rally against an Ahmadi mosque

Anti-Ahmadi campaign draws thousands, sparks online reactions Source: The Stream, Al Jazeera. More than 5,000 people rallied on Sunday against the Ewane Tawheed mosque, which was built by an Ahmadi group in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi. Protesters alleged it was constructed without official authorisation, while the Ahmadiyya community claimed […]